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Web Design Process

Our MTI Consultants are here to help and keep the total online solution process as simple aspossible.

MTI offers obligation FREE total solution package designs drafts:


  • An draftwe bitesto view, operate and modify to your needs andrequirements
  • Domain name and email address options
  • Draft emailsignature
  • Quote containing total costs

Only when you are happy do we proceed with

1: Initial Consultation & Client Input

want input
  • We Learn More About Your Business
  • Understand Your Message &Unique Selling Proposal
  • Identify Key Customers & Target Audience
  • Create Project Timetable
  • AcquireDomain Name / Social Media Accounts

2:Research + Competitive Analysis

  • Review Your Current Online Presence
  • Competitive Analysis /Research Online Reputation
  • Keyword Creation &Content Assessment
  • Prepare Marketing Strategy (if required)

3: Website Design Phase

  • Initial Upload To Password Protected Server For Customer Viewing - You will have access to view your website taking shapethroughout thewhole process.
  • Map Out Home & Sub Pages
  • Graphics & Photos
  • Initial Copy Writing

4:OptimiseForThe Search Engines

  • Review Online Business Listings
  • Refine Meta Tags & Titles
  • Re-Load Content With Keywords

5: Testing & Launch

  • Test Across Devices Including Mobile Devices
  • Review Functionality
  • Preform Final Review
  • Acquire Final Customer Sign-Off
  • Move Site To Hosting
  • Launch Live Website - Yearly renewal only apples from go live date.

6: Promote Your Website (if requested)

  • Targeted Online Marketing
  • Social Marketing Integration
  • Suggest Social Media Promotions

7: On-Going Support

  • Analyze Visitor & Marketing Data
  • Keep Site Running Smooth & Secure
  • Keep Website Current at your request
  • Options To Grow Your Site With Your Business
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • CustomerSatisfactionMonitoring